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2011-01-01 06:06:42 by Aran

Animating commence! :D 1st flash movie underway in over 5 years!

CG Animations

2010-09-27 15:56:26 by Aran

Interested in seeing my CG Animations?


I am currently animating for Dinamo Productions, which have done animation/VFX work for CBeebies/CBBC

I am still trying to find time to do a short flash! Struggling to commit to an idea at the moment :P I've been interested in animating a music video style flash. I don't really want to use mainstream music due to copyright purposes but if ANY musician is interested send me a link!

I am looking for a PENDULUM style song!

Blog site

2009-12-22 14:35:03 by Aran

Hey guys, I havn't been around the Newground scene for a while, but I'm planning on making a return with new animations! I know I was never a well established animator on newgrounds but some of you may remember me from and

I am currently in university studying CG Animation on my final year! I will try to make a return to flash sometime in 2010! Untill then you can check out my progress on my blog site!

PS. If there are still people waiting to see Idiot Ninjas 4, I am sorry to say that project is no longer being made :( However, you can still see what I made of it through my blog! Spread the word :)